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Verizon International Travel Plan FAQs Outside US
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Can I use my device while traveling outside the US? ... **If more than 50% of your talk, text or data usage in a 60-day period is in Canada or Mexico, use of those services in those countries may be removed or limited. ... My Verizon app: Open the menu in the top left.
How can I use my iPhone in Canada? - Verizon Community
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That is a great question! We want to make sure that you are always able to use that device when you need to. You should have no issue using it in Canada. You can use something like TravelPass or another travel plan found with the link below to see what you may need while travelling. I would suggest making sure that you are covered as well.
Correct Answer: Can I use my phone while in Canada ...
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11/26/2016 · I have a 50gb data business plan and I am traveling to Canada. I was told at the store that I could use my current minutes, texting and data there just like I do in the US with no extra charge.
Can the Verizon iPhone be used in Canada? - Quora
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2/18/2011 · CDMA does not use SIM cards. You would be better off to buy a factory unlocked iPhone 4 from an Apple Store in Canada. Then, you would be able to easily pop in SIM cards no matter what country you're in. It'll cost a whole lot more, but the f...
How to Use Your Verizon iPhone for FREE Overseas! - YouTube
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9/21/2017 · Everyone hates paying those big fees for using your iPhone overseas. I finally got tired of it and figured out how to use my domestic phone number to make and receive calls and text messages for ...
Will my Verizon Wireless phone work in Canada? Why or why ...
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2/29/2016 · By "work" if you mean will it make and receive phone calls, texts, and internet data? Yes, it will seamlessly roam onto on of the Canadian mobile carriers. But if you care about cost, then you should use it carefully. Some roaming rates are high, ...
Using my iPhone 6 in Canada - Apple Community
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6/24/2016 · Have a Verizon iPhone 6. Planning a week vacation in Southern Ontario, driving my own car. ... hello if your iphone is unlock if you can use it with other network! better to buy a sim card in Southern Ontario! ask them if there is a promo for a week with unlimited internet. ... Using my iPhone 6 in Canada More Less. Apple Footer.
Taking my iPhone to Canada -- how to not get burned by ...
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6/25/2014 · Taking my iPhone to Canada -- how to not get burned by fees June 25, 2014 11:28 AM Subscribe. I am confused about my options for using voice/data/texting on my Verizon iPhone 5 while on a trip to Canada. In August, my band is going on tour. We are going to be playing (I think) 4 dates in Canada -- two in Toronto, one in Ottawa, one in Montreal ...
How do I use my Verizon Unlimited plan in Mexico and ...
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6/14/2018 · With the new Verizon Beyond Unlimited Plan, customers can now use their cell phone as they would at home while traveling in Mexico and Canada!. You won’t notice anything new or unusual but if you’ve already signed up for this plan, you can text, call, and browse all of your apps as you normally would at home.
International Trip Planner Plan for travel outside the US
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International Trip Planner. Find the best International plan for your trip. Whether you’re staying close and traveling to Mexico or Canada, going overseas or taking a cruise, we’ll help you find the best plan to keep you connected. Trip Planner is fast and simple. Just tell us about your trip and which mobile phone you’re taking.
Will My US Cell Phone Work in Canada? - Champion Traveler
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Newer Verizon Phones Work in Canada (With Higher Fees) Verizon has a tool that lets you know whether your cell phone will work in Canada and what price you’ll be paying to do so. It will likely cost a bit more each day to use your Verizon phone in Canada. We did a test with our personal cell phones and were told that it would cost about $5 ...
Can I use my Verizon phone outside of the US? | WhistleOut
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3/21/2018 · How do I use my Verizon Unlimited plan in Mexico and Canada? How do I turn on Verizon usage alerts? Can I limit data usage on one line with my Verizon plan? I am on the Verizon Edge plan and hate my phone, can I switch or upgrade? Will I have to pay the balance on this phone before I can get a new one? Consumer Cellular International Rates
Can I Use My Verizon Phone on an AT&T Plan? | It Still Works
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Unlocking your Verizon cell phone for use on the AT&T network is not illegal, provided you are not stealing service from either phone company or working with a stolen phone. To unlock older phone models with a removable SIM card all you need is the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and a new SIM card.
Can you use a Verizon iPhone 5 in Canada? - Apple Community
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3/12/2013 · The iPhones used in Canada use the GSM network as opposed to Verizon's CDMA. There may still be legacy CDMA service in Vancouver, but you should check with Verizon to determine if they have roaming agreements with Canada's carriers. You could also request the unlocking of the GSM portion of the phone by Verizon prior to travel.
How to Save Money on Mobile While Traveling in Canada
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6/20/2012 · The Verizon iPad will work in Canada on 3G GSM carriers and CDMA carriers, but at high data costs. ... I installed my Rogers SIM in my iPhone 4S, but I could just as well use my Galaxy Nexus SII.
Using Verizon iPhone 5 (USA) in Canada - iPhone, iPad ...
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10/14/2013 · I will be traveling to Montreal and Quebec--will my Verizon iPhone 5 (USA) work in Canada? Will I need an international plan? Will I need a different adaptor to charge my phone? Any help would be fantastic. I will be traveling to Montreal and Quebec--will my Verizon iPhone 5 (USA) work in Canada ...